Use PHP On Blogger

Use PHP On Blogger -ITTWIST

PHP Is The Biggest Server Side Scripting Language Used These Days & Its Major Benifit is that it is open Source. Blogger Doesn’t Support PHP . Here is The Minor Tweak To Use PHP On The Blogger.

1.>  Use Any Free Domain With Free Hosting ( Remember Use PHP Free Hosting ) .

      For Recommended Source Of The Free Hosting Website Is

2.> Then Import PHP to Blogger By Using This Tags In The Post

<object data=”http://YOUR_PHP_LINK.php” height=”500″ type=”text/html” width=”600″></object>

Replace Red Color Link with Your PHP Link.

NOTE:- Adjust Height & Width Accordingly.

3.> Now See The Post Your PHP Post Is Now Begins Appearing On The Blog Post.

Example :  See My Online Sitemap Creation Project In PHP

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