Top 3 Linux Distros of 2013


Linux is an open-source operating system . It is used by 20 million people in the world , it is expected that it will take huge competition to the  paid platforms like Windows , Apple etc. The trend of the linux is increasing day by day. Now the top linux distros are:-


1.> UBUNTU ->




Ubuntu is the top most distribution launched by Canonical Ltd . Most of the linux market and users are of ubuntu.


1.>  Elegant Looks.
2.> Unity Panel
3.> Stability
4.> Awesome Dash
5.> Best Software Center.
6.> Fastest

 2.> Fedora:->


Fedora is awesome operating system , has stylish look . Best thing about fedora is , it is developed by Red Hat corporation Leader in linux platform


1.> Elegant Look
2.> Lighter Desktop Environment.


3.> Linux Mint:->


Linux Mint is a clean and polished version of ubuntu ( Derivation of Ubuntu ). It provides some inbuilt software which is not included in ubuntu.


1.> Better Stability
2.> Clean Desktop Environment (Cinnamon )
3.> Faster.
4.> Awesome Software Center.

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  1. hum... i would say ubuntu is to buggy but still 1, fedora its just crap and buggy all this waiting and it came out like this the installer is buggy and confusing, the system keeps saying that computers with 2gb of ram dont have enough ram to install a 386 installation. When on the desktop loads fine, when installing new packages gpg keys fail, dependecies fail etc. Linux mint fails alot of times by presenting black screens to users after installation specially on computers with AMD/ATI cards even knowing that is a copy of ubuntu tweaked ubuntu works fine.

  2. Why are you constantly trying to hype Linux up to something that it doesn't is?
    -No fancontrol and options on powerconfiguration.
    -Start menu sucks on most linux distros.
    -Desktop shortscuts has little or none flexibility.
    -Explorer filemenus are a crap.

    Why just not admit, that Microsoft is the only real OS?

    1. Linux and windows are different platform , we are not comparing Linux with windows . Both the operating system has its own features . Linux has also a huge popularity whereas Microsoft is a well known manufacturer of OS . There are many limitations of microsoft OS . Well we are not hyping linux , scroll the website it has bundled of posts about windows . Keep Visiting

    2. Obvious troll is obvious.
      > If you want to do something as dangerous* as modify your fan speeds, then you should be able to figure out how to open up the driver menus and change it from there. That can break your hardware, so we prefer it to be buried away from end users.
      > Gnome, XFCE, and KDE are all Desktop Environments. Because of how Linux is set up, anyone can make a desktop environment if they aren't content. You aren't allowed to change a damn thing about Microsoft's crappy UI, especially in Metro. And our environments may not be copies of Microsoft, but they're certainly more beautiful and more functional.
      > First, desktop shortcuts are utterly useless. Our start menu's aren't total crap, so we tend to use those. Or we have alt+f2 to access the global app runner (just type in the name and press enter - viola). Second, if you do want to use desktop shortcuts, ours are more flexible actually. Easier as well.
      > Those are programs, nothing to do with Linux - if you don't like them, make your own. Dolphin, Konqueror, etc. are all amazing programs. I prefer them highly over Windows Explorer. That software makes me gag.

  3. Linux is awsome and if you dont like it piss off. Window bring out shit almost every year and you dont bitch about it. Window 8 is total shit and LINUX is the boss. Take it or fucking leave it

    1. I absolutely agree! I work in a job setting where i was able to try windows 8, and id have to agree on your statement. Who would want dumb down an OS so badly to a mere tablet PC is beyond me. Microsoft just does what they want and the end user has to just live with it! I'm sorry i like my freedom! Go Linux!!!!

  4. Ubuntu and Linux mint (12.10 based) are slow as hell.
    Overal, the speed of linux is still faster then Windows.
    Windows programms are not native compatible with Linux and vice versa (you can use wine for running windows apps on linux).

    It's just a case of what you prefer

    1. That's Your Point Of View ! But I Have Tested It On 8 GB RAM & Both of the distros are pretty fast

  5. And best of all about windows... you get to pay for the garbage...

    Sounds like a Letterman top 10...

    1. It is a point , but we can't criticize windows.

  6. Fedora is always liable to be unstable as it is bleeding edge. I have been running Mint and Opensuse for a bit now and prefer those over Ubuntu at least in a virtual environment. I am looking at converting one of my win7 machines to Linux and was hunting about to see which has better driver support and such. Unfortunately, I still see little other than the same old fan boys out here spouting crap instead of something useful. Also, to make the point I have used Linux in the past and unfortunately much of the software available for it tended to be buggy and crash prone. I was hoping that over time that would change and in some respects it has and I am willing to give it a go again and see if I can get it to do everything I need. I do a great deal of industrial controls engineering and to date there is virtually nothing available on Linux to support that. The only saving grace is VMware runs well on it and for those things I can still use windows to do that with the exception of Cad work as the virtual environment is far too slow to do that. Oh, and please do not try recommending any of the Qcad type programs... They are not nearly ready for that type of use and none of these programs will run under wine.

    1. Hi Micheal Watch Our New Updated article

  7. Thank you for writing this article about Linux distros. Since there have been comments about windoz, I'd like to say that I've been using computer systems since before PCs became popular and have an opinion about operating systems.

    Windoz is the operating system of choice for grandmothers and little kids. Although nowadays, more kids seem to prefer devices from Apple like the iphone, ipad, and ipod touch. Otherwise Unix/Linux is still king, no matter how much windoz tries to catch up.

    When and were being destroyed by viruses and worms, Microsoft hired Akamai and changed the DNS of its Web site so that requests for pages were no longer handled by Microsoft's own network, but by the Linux servers provided by Akamai.

    As far as performance is concerned, 97% of the worlds fastest high performace computers run Linux. As far as I can tell, windows is not even a player on the top500 supercomputer list.

    The more people become education about operating systems and are given choices, the less appealing windoz becomes.

    1. Exactly , thanks for provided us with full data :)

  8. Linux is way better then windows, only if you know how to use it.Linux provides limitless possibilities but since most of the windows user are using windows for such a long time, a sudden switch feel a little awkward and the user start to imagine fault in that Linux os so that he ca convince himself to switch back to windows. At some stage you might miss the huge number of software available for windows.
    But still you can get along with Linux pretty easily, all you have to give it is some time and brain

  9. Adarsh, when saying "Linux is way better then [sic] windows", what does that exactly mean? I've been dual boot using windows and linux on all my machines. If you know how to get rid of all that garbage that comes installed with a windows system, it is as fast as most linux distros (except KDE and Unity, which are clearly slower than windows). I have an old P4 computer with w2003 and xubuntu, w2003 runs the peacekeeper and speed-battle tests faster than on xubuntu and video is actually NOT choppy in full screen, although xubuntu is 10 years newer than w2003. w2003 takes 300 MB of RAM at idle whereas xubuntu takes 500MB. I can provide hard numbers related to the performance comparisons I executed, which prove that they are fairly comparable performance wise. However Window and Mac beat hands down Linux when it comes to video and games. All linux distros have various big and little problems: buggy or poorly matched drivers, crashes (e.g. Fedora 18 keeps crashing after 10 minutes of usage, several distros do not even start on 3 out of 4 of my machines), video slow and choppy especially in full screen mode, video artifacts, buggy applications, useability annoyances, modest looking fonts, mismatched UI, etc. Overall I am personally more productive on a windows machine than on a linux one. That is why most users, the ones that need to get their work done no matter how, just quickly, and who do not know how or do not want to have to tinker with their OS daily or have to recover after some defective rolling update, prefer windows or mac. When the linux community from the height of the ivory tower they live in will understand that, then maybe Linux will manage to get a bit more traction and exceed that 5% OS usage that they have been hovering under for since their day one.

    And my pick for the top Linux distro of 2013: XUbuntu

    1. Most stable of all distros I've tried (crashed only once over the last year). Runs on all my 4 older and newer systems, laptops or desktops, without a hitch.
    2. Excellent hardware detection; everything works pretty much out of the box. Best video drivers.
    3. Best compromise between performance and useability. LXDE and E17 distros may be slightly faster, but I find them less useable and some things outright annoying.
    4. Huge repo; contained all the applications that I need for my work, without me having to dig for them through millions of other places.
    5. Allows pretty good customization.
    6. Probably the best community (Debian + Ubuntu + Mint)

    1. Not the best looking distro. However, one can customize it to their liking. E.g. I added a Cairo dock and changed a bit the theme, and made it look like a Mac.

  10. My gods are Are the authors Dense? I would say the best is Zorin But there this OS Linux thats out you might heard of CALLED ANDROID!! Yes folks thats a Linux based OS!

    1. Check the updated article ,

  11. linux mint is best in looks




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