New Microsoft Social Networking Website


Social networking websites are massively used in today's era. There are Several social networking websites like facebook , google plus , which has millions of visitors everyday. Now Microsoft also launched its newbie website named , which is now included in the race of social networking websites.

Whats new in (Pronounced as Social):-

-> Fresh Design to Social Network :-

The has introduced fresh look to the social network . If you are getting bored from everyday use of facebook then you must try


-> New Smile face :-

As facebook introduced like button to like its post , google plus introduced +1 button , same way has created smiley face and while hovering , it says that "This makes me smile".

-> Animations :-

Facebook has major drawback , that it doesn't include Animations . has included animations as a very essential feature.

-> Back to Top Button Included -:

Back to top button included , other social network doesn't include a basic back to top feature. Every user has a need of less time so scrolling to top is time consuming. Back to Top ! Is an Interesting Idea.

Back To Top!
-> Automatic Translation -:

Automatic Translation is included in the which is a fresh feature. If you have a friend from other country and he has posted some post in other language then it will be automatic translated. You can also disable this feature.

Disable Automatic Translation Icon

->Create a post -:


To Create a post , you have to simply write the topic here and press + button you will automatically redirected to post page.

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