Instant Search Engine Optimisation Guide

SEO Stands For Search Engine Optimization , It Is Necessary to Get  Indexed your Website Into Various Search Engines & Displaying Them To The Top Of The Search Engines.Here Is The New Innovative Guide Which Helps You To Create Instant SEO For Your Webpage Or Website .

 Before Beginning Into this Guide Lets Start With Some Basic Terms.

 Note-> Before Beginning Through This Guide Just Notice This Picture Zoom It


 1.> Title ->  It appears As A Heading In The Search Results.

 2.> URL -> It Is The Uniform Resource Locator Appear Under the Title In The Search Result.

 3.> Meta Description -> It Includes The Brief Summary Of Your Webpage Which Appears Under The URL In The Search Result.

4.> Meta Keywords -> It Includes the Keywords Included In The Webpage. It is the Mostly Effective Method To Appear Your Webpage At Top Of The Search Engines.

Lets Start ->


1.> Always Include Meta Description In Your Webpages->


Including Meta Description Tag In Your  Webpages In An Interesting Idea To Increase Your SEO Rank In The Webpage . More Effectively The Meta Description , Higher Your Search Result Appear In The Search Engine.
So Always Include Meta Description Tag. To Include Meta Description Tag Just follow This Line Before Closing Of your </head> Tag.

<meta name=’description’ content=’Write Your Description Here’ />


<meta name=’description’ content=’Ittwist Is An Website Which Includes Trending Posts’ />

2.> Always Include Meta Keywords In Your Webpages->

Dont Forget To Include Meta Keywords In Your Webpages . Always Include Most Commonly Strong Keywords, That Will Force Search Engine That your Webpage Appears At The Top.

To Check Keywords Having Good Strength You Can Check It Out From Here.

Google Keyword Tool

To Include Meta Keywords In Your Webpage , Just Include this Line In Your HTML Code Before Closing Of Your </head>

<meta name=’keywords’ content=’Keywords_Seperated_By_Commas’/>


<meta name=’keywords’ content=’Ittwist,Tips,Tricks,Ubuntu,Windows’/>

 For Blogger Users ->

 <b:if cond=’data:blog.url == “Your Blog URL”‘>
<meta name=’description’ content=’Write Description’  />
<meta name=’keywords’ content=’A Few Keywords For Your Blog’ />

This Must Be Included Below  

<b:include data=’blog’ name=’all-head-content’/>

3.> Use Effective URL’s :-


Always Use Effective URL Describing Your TITLE , Most common Mistake That Website Not Display into The Top Of The Search Result Is The URL

Avoid This Type Of URL->

USE This Type Of URL:->

Just Use Brief And Effective URL.


While Making The Website , Just Choose An Amazing Title For Your Webpages . Title Shouldn’t Be Too Long  ie., 40-90 words . It Must Be Less Than 15 words.

To write Title of Your Webpage Just Follow This HTML Tag

<title> Your webpage Title</title>

This Type Of Short Title Must Be Used Instead Of Too Much Scary Title eg.,

<title> Your webpage Title – This Explains That We have Created An webpage </title>         

5.> Images Must have ALT Attributes.

ALT Attributes Must Be Applied To All Images In The Webpages. ALT Attributes In Image Helps in The Ranking Of Images In The Top Of Search Engine.

To Set Alt Attributes To Your Images Just add This Images

<img src=”Path Of The Webpage” alt=”My Image!”>

NOTE:- Alt attributes must Be In Brief for images!

6.> Submit a Sitemap To The Google Webmaster Or Bing Webmaster:-

To Appear In The Top Of The Search Engine , Indexing Is Very important . Until You Don’t Index your Webpage Into Search Engine . No Search Results will Be produced in The Search Results

If You Are Using Blogger Platform . You can Generate Your Sitemap Online From Our Website.


To Generate Your XML Sitemap 


7.> Link Your Account To Social Networks:

Linking Your Website To The Social Networking Website Is An Interesting Idea To Appear Your Webpage At The Top Of The Search engine. Since Web-Traffic is An Another Criterion To Appear Your Webpage In The Top Of The Search Engine.

8.> Submit Your Website To DMOZ :

Submitting Your Website to DMOZ , Create Search Engine To Crawl Your All URL’s From The DMOZ Directory.

It Will take Some Times To Get Indexed In DMOZ Directory.

DMOZ Official website

Just Select Your Category & Submit Your Website To DMOZ.

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