How to use social networking websites in college/school

 Access Social Networking Websites In colleges ITTWIST

In Today’s world everyone loves to use social networks .There are many social networking websites like facebook, google plus,socl etc. If you are studying in college or school , the social networking websites are banned. You cannot use social network there, here is a simple trick by which you can have access to social networking websites in colleges or school.

Why Social Networks Are Banned In Colleges or Schools?

Social networking website are banned in the colleges to restrict the students to have access to the websites which is not related to education purposes.

Why To access Social Networking Website in educational institutes?

a. If you have an important information needed during emergency in the institution
b. If you have a free lecture ,wanna spend time .
c. If you wanna see the educational videos there and youtube is restricted,

How To Access Social Networking websites?

You can easily Access The Social Networking Websites and another block website there by following this simple steps. Usually there are many ways to access social networks , Important ways are:



1. Download Torr Browser

2. Run Torr Browser

3. Access Social Networking Websites.



1. Download Ultra Surf

2. Run Ultra Surf

3. Access Social Networking Websites



1. Go To Dave Proxy
2. There are many proxy websites but i found the dave proxy website as safe , it is uk based Proxy website
3. Enter the URL you want to access.
4. Access Social Network

If you are not able to install a software then METHOD 3 will be best

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