Folder With No Icon & No Text , Appear To Be Hidden - The Biggest Tweak

Hidden Folder -ITTWIST

One Way To Hide Text & Icon Of The Folder . It appears to Be Hidden & No-One Can Judge That there Is A Icon Or Not ! . This Tutorial Shows How to Create A Folder With NO ICON With NO TEXT.
In The Security Point Of View It Is Biggest Tweak Ever Because It Helps To Hide The Folder in More Convenient & Easier Way. In A Organisations Where There Are Several Instructions On The Computers Like In Colleges etc , You Have Important data & You cannot Hide It But This Is The Efficient & Effective Way To Hide The Folder Even With Restrictions On The Computer.

1.> First Of All Right Click & Create New -> Folder.

Hidden Folder -ITTWIST

2.> Right click on New Folder click on Properties Go To Customize Tab.

Hidden Folder -ITTWIST
Click On Change Icon

3.> Click on Change Icon & Search For No Image.

Hidden Folder -ITTWIST

Click on Ok & Apply .Now Your Folder is Having No Icon.

4.> Right Click on New Folder & Click Rename & Hold ALT & Press 2 , Then 5 , Then 5.

NOTE:- The 2,5,5 Should Be Type On The Right Numeral Keypad.

Hidden Folder -ITTWIST

5.> Then You Will Get The Following Folder With No Icon & Text.

Hidden Folder -ITTWIST


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  1. do u have the same trick for notebooks whose keyboards don't have a separate numeric keypad ?

    1. Hi Joshua For notebooks Hold FN key with ALT key & simply type the numbers




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