Download Torrent Files With IDM

IDM ( Internet download manager ) is a popular download manager to download files at High speeds and also offers very exciting features . The major feature it have is Pause & Resume. IDM doesn’t allow to download .torrent files . Here is a trick to download .torrent files with IDM.

Why IDM:-

IDM is a successful download manager. If you dont know anything about IDM then i must tell you that when you download some files on your browser it just download it via your browser’s download manager.But it doesn’t include some dynamic features like best speeds, resume feature and lots more.IDM includes all the great features

1. High Speed :- IDM offers very much high speeds . Normally in our browser download manager there are few internet connections hence there download speeds are freaking slow , But in IDM there are many internet connections , so you can download anything at lightening fast speeds

2. Resumability: Resume feature is an another important feature of IDM . Have you think ever when you download something meanwhile downloading power gets off or connection gets failed then your download also gets failed , you cannot resume it where it stops downloading. So In IDM you can Resume the Download right from where you left it.

3. Queue:-Queue is also an important aspects of IDM. When you are downloading multiple files in your simple browser then it divides the speed between the files . But IDM offers an exciting feature you can download one file after the other following the procedure of Queue.


1.> Surf torrent website and download the link of torrent file.

torrent with idm2 -ittwist

2.> Go To 

torrent with idm3 -ittwist

3.>Add the torrent file download link into the input field and press Go.

torrent with idm 4-ittwist

4.>Then Choose the Membership criterion as Free rather than Premium.

torrent with idm 5-ittwist

5.> Wait while the download link for IDM is generated.

torrent with idm 6-ittwist

6.> Download the file with IDM.

torrent with idm 7-ittwist

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