Accelerate Mozilla Firefox Speed

Accelerate Mozilla Firefox Speed!! ITTWIST

Mozilla firefox is a popular web-browser used heavily in world-wide. It is a open-source web-browser , but its speed it quite low .By following this simple tweak you can speed up your Mozilla Firefox web-browser upto 50%.


1.> Open your Mozilla firefox browser , Go to Address Bar and type 

   ”       about:config  “


Speed Up Mozilla, -ittwist

Warning Message appears but ignore it by clicking on I’ll be careful , I promise .

2.> Then Type in search field

 ” network.http.pipelining  “


Double click it and change its boolean value from false to true
Speed Up Mozilla -ittwist

3.> After this Type  in the Search field 

network.http.pipelining.maxrequests ” 


then change its current value to 32.
If you are using latest firefox then your default value is 32, if not change it to 32 by double clicking on it.
Speed Up Mozilla2 -ittwist

4.> Disable unnecessary IPv6. Type in the search field this keywords. 

”  network.dns.disableIPv6  ” 


it is default set to false double click to set is false.
Speed Up Mozilla3 -ittwist

5.> After This type in the search field 

”  network.http.proxy.pipelining   “


Its default boolean value is false double click to make it true.

Speed Up Mozilla 4-ittwist

Now close it & Enjoy Lightening Fast Browsing Speed In Mozilla Firefox.
If You have any query or suggestion leave us a comment.

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