9 Steps To Improve Alexa Rank Instantly

 9 steps to improve alexa rank  instantly -ITTWIST

Alexa is a popular website that is developed by Amazon corporations pvt ltd . Its purpose is to make site ranks worldwide and nationwide . If you are owning a blog or website then getting better rank is must for you. Here is the simple Effective steps to improve your alexa rank immediately & notice the change in rank within one day.

1.> Get Claim Your website To Alexa , This means alexa will collect all the information about your website , it will include

  • No of visitors
  • No of Backlinks
  • No of Pageviews etc

2.> Get Alexa Toolbar for your website . Generally Alexa toolbar is very useful for improving your rank . It collects all the information of your website rank and index it in their website. So In Order To have an effective rank we have to install Alexa toolbar . To download the toolbar for various browsers . Follow my previous post.


3.> Encourage users to write a review to alexa about your website. Generally by doing this you will earn a good reputation in alexa . So by doing this you will improve your website reputation in front of alexa.

4.> Get Alexa widget for your website . After claiming your website generate an alexa widget and put it on your website or blog.

5.> Get some Back-links , Generally Back-links is defined as how many other website have Your URL listed. This can be increased by appropriate number after following these things.

  • Always use to comment on another blogs , after commenting enlist your URL beneath it. By Doing this you will have a back-link of your URL in that blog.
  • Always use to have guest-blogging on enzine articles, wiki-how etc.
  • Make One yahoo answers account answer to effective post by leaving your URL there.  

By Doing This Back-links are generated and updated in alexa website in a month.

6.> Get some real visitors daily to your blog and increase your pageviews and number of visitors. By doing this you will notice immediate change in the alexa rank

NOTE:- The rank will updated within a day

7.> Have Some Social media optimization to your website this includes

8.> Update your blog or website on daily basis. This Will be in notice of alexa that your website is updated on the daily basis . So, it will surely change your Alexa Rank.

9.> Last but not the least , write an review about alexa in your website & give a back-link to alexa. 

 Follow this Procedures on the regular basis , You can get about 1M rank Improved In an year. Happy Blogging. If you have any query or suggestion please feel free to comment us.

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